Gay Movies List:

I found this list in a book of “historic” “gay” “films.” They’re some of the “classics,” apparently. Probably for gay men.

                        Fireworks (1947) by Kenneth Anger

                        Fragment of Seeking

                        Christmas USA

                        Flaming Creatures as gay community movie, by Jack Smith

                        My Hustler by Andy Warhol

                        Scorpio Rising by Kenneth Anger

                        Fire Island Story by Peter de Rome

                        Encounter by Peter de Rome

                        Bike Boy by Andy Warhol

                        Nude Restaurant by Andy Warhol

                        Lonesome Cowboys by Andy Warhol

                        The Meatrack by Richard Stockton (Gay ‘sexploitation’ favorite)

                        Sticks and Stones by Stan Lopresto

                        Pink Narcissus

                    Vapors by Andy Milligans

                       The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome

                    Mondo Rocco

                   Someone by Rocco

                      Song of the Loon Andrew Herbert

                      Happy Birthday, Davy Dick Fontaine

                      Some of my Best Friends Are…Mervyn Nelson

                   Kiss Pat Rocco

                        Daydreams on a Crosstown Bus Peter de Rome

                        A Very Natural Thing

                        I’m No Angel

                        Three Faces of Eve